Can I share or resell my purchase?

How should I open my printable?

How do I open the printable?

How do I customize my invitations and other printables?

Why aren’t the colors matching up?

When will I get my printables?

Why doesn't the printable size seem to match up?

Do you offer custom and personalized orders?

How do I edit the printable?

What Supplies Do I Need?

What are those blue boxes on my printable?

Why are only some text elements editable and not others?

Can I use the Acrobat Reader app on my phone or tablet?

Do you have any samples?

Which type of paper should I use?

What size are the printables?

What size are the invitations?

How and where do I print my invitations and decorations?

Can I change the font / color / pattern / image?

Why can’t I edit my printable?

Can I save the file after I’ve added my text?

Why isn’t the color matching what I see on the screen?

Do you do custom design work?

Which type of printer do you use?

How many times can I use and print my printable?

Do you sell printed versions of the invitations and decorations?

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